Impossible Foods launched in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Macau last March- since then sales have increased more than five-fold in Asia. In that time frame, they've also gotten on the menus of restaurants owned by celebrity chefs Wolfgang Puck, David Myers and Gordon Ramsay. Currently, Impossible Foods products are on menus in more than 17,000 restaurants in all 50 states which include venues such as White Castle, Red Robin, Burger King and Disney.

A Global Leader

When asked which burger tasted better, the Impossible Foods’ burger was chosen over the Beyond Meat burger 100% of the time, as per a survey by the NASDAQ. The Impossible Burger made its grocery store debut on September 20, 2019 in 27 Gelson’s California Locations and the entire time that they have been on the shelves at Gelson’s, impossible Foods has been the chain’s number-one packaged item and has outsold all the cow-beef, both in terms of volume and revenue. Gelson’s has had to impose a 10-pack limit on its customers. More than one-third of all the shoppers who bought Impossible purchased at least two packages. They have grown their Grocery Store Footprint 100x from 150 stores in January and over 15,000 currently across 200 chains alone including, Target, Kroger, Trader Joe’s, and Walmart. Recently, Impossible Foods announced that they will be producing plant-based milk, that unlike other plant-based milk, will act like dairy-based milk. Impossible now offers plant-based Beef, Sausage, Pork, Fish, as well as now Milk. Among institutional investors such as Google Ventures, UBS and Khosla Ventures, celebrities and entrepreneurs have invested in Impossible Foods as well. These investors include Jay-Z, Bill Gates and Peter Thiel.

Another company in the “alternative meat” market is Beyond Meat. On May 2, 2019, Beyond Meat had its public debut, opening at $46 a share and has soared since its IPO. This proves high demand not only from consumers in the alternative meat market but investors as well. Beyond Meat had a very successful IPO and early investors are enjoying large returns. (BYND currently trading at $141.64) Impossible Foods as per surveys is preferred in taste, has approximately double the revenue with bigger visibility and growth. With that said, the potential profit expectation is very high for Impossible Foods’ investors who are positioned before a liquidity event.