Green Life Farms

Founded in 2009, Green Life Farms is a world-class, efficient Agriculture Technological (Ag-Tech) company that is dedicated to growing food with low-cost, sustainable energy. Utilizing hydroponic greenhouse systems, Green Life Farms grows over fifty varieties of leafy greens, ranging from spinach and lettuce to kale.

A Global Leader

In 2010 after being founded, the company started its first test site- growing over one-hundred different varieties of produce. After six years of innovating their production by utilizing state-of-the-art technology, Green Life Farms broke ground on a large facility in 2016 in Lake Worth, Florida and began to streamline its products. By focusing primarily on leafy greens which take around 14-18 days to grow and harvest, Green Life Farms maximized its output and proved the benefits of greenhouse farming compared to traditional soil farming. Currently, to meet the demand of people striving to eat greener and reduce their carbon footprint, Green Life Farms is constructing two additional sites in Lake City and Naples, Florida.

Green Life Farms’ greenhouses replace soil with nutrient-rich, oxygenated clean water, so the leafy greens soak up all of the nutrition, without adverse contaminants and GMOs from traditional soil farming. The Deep-Water Floating Raft Technology (FRT) hydroponic system used by Green Life Farms is completely automated and uses 90 percent less water than conventional farming, as it yields better produce in less time.

As Green Life Farms expands its Lake Worth facilities which grow 800,000 pounds of leafy greens each year, they expect to add additional farms in Florida and other states along the east coast. Currently, their two 400,000 square-foot facilities being constructed in Lake City and Naples will take the company’s output in Florida to 7 million pounds. Today, Greenlife Farms is the largest producer of indoor produce in the Southeast United States and is in almost 100 grocery stores such as GreenWise Markets and Publix throughout Florida and continuing to grow. Green Life Farms has also recently partnered with FreshPoint, one of North America’s leading produce distributors to bring its various products to market. Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary (“Mr.Wonderful”) has even publicly endorsed Greenlife Farms.